In this special Halloweenish podcast, host Erica Glessing dives into her recent near death experience and explores what happens when you imagine you had already crossed over. Can being near death give you insight into life on this "Dia de Los Muertes" and Halloween time of year?

Names is this resource, a fabulous list of provocative questions by the inspirational Teal Swan:

Plus Erica shares her Amazon presence in case you would like to buy one of her books:


Easy is reaching inside and connecting to spirit and all that is and from this place, allowing life force to guide our lives. It flows in and through when beckoned.


Receiving is something rarely taught and frequently blocked. Listen and tune into this meditation designed to open up your receiving so you can have and be more of all that you already are!


Plus discover the book by Podcast host Erica Glessing and her favorite bestselling author friends "The Energy of Receiving," available online at bookstores everywhere.


When someone wishes you ill, you can sense it. Luckily, you can also cut the cords and clear the energy. For me, a daily practice of clearing the chakras then the malfs is required for sanity.


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What you can do if you fall of course and a beautiful meditation to guide you back into center.


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Energy Clearing for Life Force "Bust the Lie of I Fear I will Fail" Podcast #326

How is the fear of failure a lie and what you can do to clear fear of failure from your vocabulary and experience.

Potent meditation to release evil beings from your space, be they friends or foe, relatives or people from your office. When people are sending daggers of judgment and hatred your way, it can be difficult to function! Host Erica Glessing shares a deep meditation for clearing "malfs" or malificent beings from your life. So good!


Energy Clearing for Life Force Meditation Podcast "Clearing Malificent Evil Beings from Our Lives" #325 for more inspiration!

Erica takes on the nature of change and resistance to change in this gentle de-cluttering meditation episode where you are invited to clear space around you so you can blossom even more on Energy Clearing for Life Force Meditation Podcast #324.


Go to to sign up for Erica's latest course "Journaling in the Cash."


Today the clearing runs through your lifeline as you seek and root out crazy twisted places where others decided you were too big and too much. This may have happened in your teens or when you were very young. You may have been too bright, too intelligent, too much, too creative or too happy. These infractions of being you were considered wrong and you shrunk yourself down to accommodate all the negative controlling vibes that were thrown your way. If you could just make yourself small or wrong enough, perhaps the others would then get happy. Unfortunately, nothing you did could make them happy. If this sounds familiar join Energy Clearing for Life Force Meditation Podcast today and get comfortable in your own skin - no matter how bright and brilliant you shine, your brilliance is not only sought after, it is required on the planet today.

#energyclearing #bye-bye-energy-vampires

Energy Clearing for Life Force Meditation Podcast "Clear Every Chakra"

This is a deep and beautiful meditation to release restrictions holding you back from your gorgeous life! The first chakra represents security; second chakra relates to flow of money, creativity and sex! The third chakra relates to your self percept and sense of self worth. The heart or fourth chakra relates to how you interact with those you love around you. When we get to the fifth chakra in this episode of the Energy Clearing for Life Meditation podcast, it is a very deep clearing for there are those who desired you to be silent. We break those vows of silence in this powerful episode. The sixth chakra wakens your third eye knowing; and the seventh through 15th chakras connect you to your source energy.

This is one of the best meditations I have shared this year so please enjoy! Be in a quiet, private space for the best results, without distractions.

You can follow up with sessions either through the new group course "Journaling in the Cash" open at and keep an eye out, for private sessions will be available in September. 


In this episode, Erica walks you through a guided meditation to clear up everywhere people told you not to create something, not to write your book, not to dream your dream. All those stuck places where people doubted your brilliance are a construct you no longer need to keep around. She's in a pretty deep trance and this all flowed in guided in connectivity with her new brand "Alpha Creatress."


Find out more at



Listen to this episode to raise your money vibration and change your money chemistry. Have more, now! This is a reel of positive self messaging to shift your world into havingness. 

Energy Clearing for Life Force Meditation Podcast "Money Affirmations"

#money #energyclearingforlife #amandafrances

When you create from lack, the energy is all about getting yourself out of something and using lack as your fuel. Lack is a potent fuel, and this mode of operating can come easily. You don't have food, so you sell something, and then voila! you can buy food. You can't pay a bill so you get into motion and get enough money to take care of that one thing. What if life and creation could be completely different? Erica breaks down the process of creating from havingness (if you're willing to stop creating from lack). Potent episode! Energy Clearing for Life Force Meditation Podcast "Is Lack Your Fire?" #319

Is it your time to shine? Stand in your own power with this guided clearing meditation designed to release doubt and install a greater sense of your own power and chi. Enjoy Energy Clearing for Life Force Meditation Podcast "Standing in Your Power" #318.

When you choose for you, things always work out. Stay calm and firm in the light of your soul-aligned future. 

The pressure can be demanding and it can be tempting to abandon you and meet everyone else's needs.


In this episode, learn how one of Erica's friends let go of golf balls of skeins of tangled strings to engage in being with her true love.

Then Erica guides you in a meditation to liven up a new project or business, like her brand that is in creation.

This is a juicy episode!! Erica will add the intro and outro when she returns from her travels.

Write daily on the beach: that's one that I'm writing into my 2021. When you take the time to get crystal clarity on what your life might look like, you will then be gifted inspired actions to take to get you into that new way of being. In this kind of long episode (with lots of examples) Erica Glessing shares Energy Clearing for Life Force Meditation Podcast "Vision Board Like a Boss" #317.




When you can see the future, you may at times live without validation in the present. It happens when you are gifted with vision that you can experience loneliness. In this warm and life-affirming episode, Erica shares how to tap into your gifts and experience that greater sense of validation for knowing the future that comes from trusting yourself and grasping  your amazing self worth. It all happens here: Energy Clearing for Life Force Meditation Podcast "Trust Yourself | See the Future" #316


Coaching? You got it! for more.

Creation is within you, all the time. You are creation. In being you, in choosing your hair color and  your bright smile or contemplative thoughtful furrowed brow -- these choices all are creation in you. As you create magic with your being, you light up the world. You don't need to change. Oh! You can be, you, and in this, creation becomes real. The Father's Day energy for Erica is lighting up the creation within you. The male creation energy of having your work complete, writing the book, building the show, sharing your image. This creation is alive within you and is willing to shine.  Be that creation of you, today. This episode is sweet and inspirational: Energy Clearing for Life Force Meditation Podcast "Creation for Father's Day Energy" #315


Shine brighter? Coaching, here. 

Eviction still conjures shame for Erica as she recalls past difficulties she experienced. In this episode, glimpse into how everything changed. Change is ultimately possible. When you make new choices and stay firm in  your beliefs -- trusting the desires that flow from your heart - life happens in new ways you haven't possibly even visioned, yet. Tune into this inspirational episode: Energy Clearing for Life Force Meditation Podcast "Desires Break Walls to Havingness" #314


Creating a book or podcast? Seeking to shift into more wealth? Coaching, here.

Do you make money but resist having money? In this episode, Erica shares from her impoverished history to luxurious present in a controversial pitch for affirmations. Affirmations have been negatively framed and yet, when you replace the negative self talk with a different phrase, question or affirmation of your true wealth and true nature, anything becomes possible. Enjoy this life-affirming episode: 
Energy Clearing for Life Force Meditation Podcast "Affirmations for Having Money" #313.


Coaching? Does a book, podcast or new business desire to be born? Go here!

Energy Clearing for Life Force Meditation Podcast  "Clear the Darkness of Critical Mind" #312

In this meditation we'll go within and ask for wisdom from beyond to clear out the negative influences of doubting the inspired actions you've been called to take.
#transformation #caterpillartobutterfly #podcastlife #energyclearingforlife

Go here for coaching if you'd like transformation, yourself. 

I wonder if you have chosen to absorb lots of slime and judgments from narcissists in your life? In this inspirational new episode of Energy Clearing for Life Force Meditation Podcast, host Erica walks you through steps to clear and clean your own body and space from those who have thrown ugly thoughts and mean desires your way. It's never boring!

Energy Clearing for Life Force has built a gorgeous new three-part course designed to awaken the creation within you. Do you have a podcast, book or blog or project desiring to be born?
Class #1: Weaken the bonds that kept you silent. Have you pretzeled yourself to stop your creations so you won't be judged? We're going to clear places where you were silenced. 

Class 2: Have you made your creation wrong? Do you create things and then leave them on your hard drive? This is a very expansive class that encourages you to stop thinking small! You can have it all. Plus how to out-shine the people you may have dulled yourself around.

Class 3: What will change when your creation is unleashed, published, promoted, marketed, and reaches others to help them through whatever they are going through???

JUICY! Go here for the sign-ups and bonuses:



Abundance is your birthright! How to get what you desire on the Energy Clearing for Life Force Meditation Podcast.

For a 3-part series on how to clear for more abundance go to Gifty!

Erica delves into past life blockages on abundance such as vowing to your fam you'll stay in poverty. How exciting! Then when you stay in poverty,  you get to be poorer than everyone around  you. Well, if that is not fun anymore, this meditation podcast is designed to shift you into asking and experiencing greater. What if greater cash flow was actually your birthright? Scandalous. Let's go there together.

Plus Erica hints at new online courses she is in progress with building. How much fun can we have being fresh, new and different? Yum. 

Have you made your credit score about you, or has anyone used your credit score as a jail you landed in? In this wildly expansive slightly all over the place episode, Erica leads you on a meditation to raise your credit score and clear crazy that got stuck inside of the math of it.

For Erica, this involved clearing the third chakra (yellow energy) in the solar plexus region.

Could your score change without much effort or time? What is possible that you have not been willing to see or experience? This is a rather unusual story-filled episode with a touch of meditation tossed in for the beauty of it. Enjoy!

#RaiseYourCreditScore #EnergyClearing #EnergyClearingforLifePodcast

Free tools mentioned:,


Transformation can be a bumpy road, this meditation is here to work with your future and your present as a practice of allowing more to show up than you thought possible. Energy Clearing for Life Force Meditation Podcast is here to connect you to your higher self and release some of the crappy stuff people told you that was not true. 

#energyclearing #energyclearingforlifeforce #podcastlife

How do you greet each day? This is a potent clearing meditation to clear the day for your magical experiences. In this Energy Clearing for Life Force Meditation podcast episode, you are guided to reach out into the universe for inspiration and let go of some of the baggage that kept you from being  your magical self.


#meditationpodcast #energyclearingforlife #energyclearing

In this gentle meditation, clear the chakras, let go and allow yourself to commune with your desires. Powerful manifestations will be invited into your reality!

An energy pull is a great way to vitalize your business, project, book, podcast or creation. In this episode, enjoy a soothing pull to add life force to your life work. 

"Clear Blocks to Wealth Body by Body" on Energy Clearing for Life Force Meditation Podcast #302 in this gentle guided meditation Erica takes you from toes to face as you clear blockages and begin to envision surrounding yourself with comfort and luxury as if by magic. It's so much fun! Enjoy!

For a private clearing session (1:1) by zoom or phone please email and ask. Rates by 30 minutes or 60 minutes.


Clear blocks to wealth and havingness on this fresh new episode of Energy Clearing for Life Force Meditation Podcast #301 fresh after months of Sundays on hiatus. In this episode, walk through your true path to wealth. It might not look like what you think! Invite in the abundance you've been visioning and get from here to there as if by magic.

For a private clearing session (1:1) by zoom or phone please email and ask. Rates by 30 minutes or 60 minutes.


Today look at how you do everything and where you have choices you may have forgotten you can make. When you follow your knowing, everything changes!


For a private clearing session (1:1) by zoom or phone please email and ask. Rates by 30 minutes or 60 minutes.




Clearing the throat chakra so you can speak your truth is the focus of today's meditation. This is a timely meditation and evergreen, from an earlier show. I believe when you speak the truth, you change the world. Have Faith!


Pull energy to energize wealth in your life. Erica guides you on a meditation designed to pull energy to you including wealth and luxury. #energyclearing #podcastlife #meditation podcast

This is a meditation for getting into a calm space when fire is erupting all around you. This past week with the fires in California, Erica was evacuated due to the proximity of fire. She reflects on the evacuation experience and guides you into a calm space no matter what's going on.


Plus, check out her  brand new "Happiness Quotations Podcast" now available on ITUNES and podcasts everywhere.






"Invoke Future Abundance and Wealth" on Energy Clearing for Life Force Meditation Podcast #242

Go into this meditation to have a generative conversation with yourself in the future. What could you change now that will vastly influence your future wealth and abundance? Wellness and joy? We go into a gentle guided meditation to have a conversation with you in the future. Are you holding your money energy close to your second chakra or base of your behind? What could you choose now that will gift your future self an abundance of riches? Or health? Life is never dull here on Energy Clearing for Life Force Meditation Podcast. #EnergyClearingforLife #PodcastHappy #Meditation #BeOfCalmJoy

"Awaken Abundance, Expand Inner Luxury" on Energy Clearing for Life Force Podcast #241

What if it was time to expand abundance and invite more wealth into your life? In this meditation podcast, release restrictions on receiving and expand your creativity. It's a balance of creative and receptive that will give you the abundance you have been yearning to receive. 


Let go of the shackles of judgment of where you are on the spectrum of expansion and abundance, and allow new receiving into your world. Plus a fun tip on how to experience luxury from where you are right now. Even during this wild time on the earth. 

"An Invitation to Amazing Friends" on Energy Clearing for Life Force Meditation Podcast #240

Today the meditation is about inviting good people into your life. Amazing magic happens when you have good people around you. Have you met anyone new lately? Today's episode invokes an invitation to new good people to brighten your world.  #MeditationPodcast #EnergyClearingforLifeForcePodcast #PodcastHappy

"Unstick Your Life Creative Visualization" on Energy Clearing for Life Force Podcast #239


Take a chance on changing and uplifting your life with this future visualization creative meditation. You're going to invite in a new adventure designed to shift and clear out stuckness. Enjoy! 

"Raise Your Self Worth" on Energy Clearing for Life Force Meditation Podcast #238


Now is a good time to pause and raise your self worth. This is going to influence your entire reality. As you respect yourself, others will follow. Enjoy! 

"Wake Up Your Intuition" on Energy Clearing for Life Force Meditation Podcast #237


Here's a third eye chakra clearing meditation to wake up intuition. Who doesn't need more intuition about now! Enjoy this favorite reprise from last summer!

"Turn Up the Volume" on Energy Clearing for Life Force Meditation Podcast #236

Today it is about turning up the volume & clearing the clutter from  your future vision. What's possible for you now? Not, what was possible for you before everything changed. Now, today, what could you vision for your future? Brighten up and lighten up your energy and raise your expectations. How to get the 2nd chakra (money, creativity, sex) into alignment with outcomes you stopped believing in -- start fresh. How our lives work like baseball, and how to prepare your fields for rain. 

"Independence & Sovereign Thought" on Energy Clearing for Life Force Podcast #235


Stay true to you during this time of epic change. How to connect to source and deepen your own true knowing. Today's all about independence on Energy Clearing for Life Force Meditation Podcast. 

"Get to Yes Energy" on Energy Clearing for Life Force Meditation Podcast #234

In this visualization get back into a time when life was saying yes to you, tune into the energy of yes and let it run through your entire being. Be a yes to something today, and allow someone else to be a yes with you.

"Healing the Whole Body of Fear"

Energy Clearing for Life Force Meditation Podcast #233 

This is a whole self healing meditation from earth to heaven. Relax and let go of the fear you may have inadvertently borrowed from the collective consciousness and unconsciousness. Connect to source for healing. Release the others who have jumped into your space. It's time. This is a meditation podcast, so go into a place of quiet to listen!

"Free Yourself from Energy Vampires" on Energy Clearing for Life Force Meditation Podcast #232

This is a meditation to free yourself from energy vampires. Are other people's thoughts, feelings and emotions clogging up your energy? Do you find yourself stuck in loops of nonproductive communications with others? In this meditation, we're going to release stuck energy of others that may have gotten into your chakras. We clear second through crown chakra of other people's stuff. This is a good one!

"Job Getting Meditation for Job Searchers" on Energy Clearing for Life Force Meditation Podcast #231

In this meditation podcast episode, job searchers can listen to release blockages to finding new jobs. We look at resistance to opportunities, and a thermometer tool to assess readiness to get a job is introduced. This is for you if you would like to get a job, about now. #jobsearching

"Connect to Source, Clear the Crown Chakra" on Energy Clearing for Life Force Meditation Podcast #230

In this episode, clear out blockages that are keeping you from knowing your soul purpose. This time in our history, connectivity to source and clearing the crown chakra can give you a new ease with your intuition. Reprise from summer.

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