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Energy Clearing for Life Force Podcast #216 "Imagine Greater Opportunities"

How to wake up your consciousness to new opportunities every day. How to notice life freshly and wake up your zest for living. This is a gentle show on re-awakening that thirst for new opportunities that gives us inspiration and fresh energy.

Energy Clearing for Life Force "Silence the Inner Critic" Podcast #215

It can be infinitely easier to see others in light and criticize ourselves. How to silence that unfriendly self talk on this episode of Energy Clearing for Life Force podcast. 

Energy Clearing for Life Force "Remembering Kobe, Gratitude" Podcast #214

On today's show, it's about seeking gratitude with intensity. When your world has stuck or sad energy, it needs gratitude to shift you into your highest self. In this episode, we go into gratitude, and Erica shares a message from Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gianna, as angels, where they communicate that no person is not worthy of being helped by an angel. No person is any less than any other.

Just you being here on the planet means you are worthy. You are a spiritual being with a physical body. And you are loved.

OK, well, that's the show today! Sent with love.



Energy Clearing for Life Force "Winning the Lottery Meditation" Podcast #213


One of the best meditations ever for winning the lottery. Erica walks you through your own blocks to winning, and works with you on how to generate a winning mindset. Focusing on wins is counterintuitive. The wins may begin with something small. Ultimately the visualization takes you into winning the big jackpot. Enjoy!

Energy Clearing for Life Force "Ask Big Asks Visualization to Luxury" Podcast #212

In this episode, we are clearing out more of the junk from poverty stuck into our cellular memories; past lives; history; parents values; and so on and so on! This is a meditation to deeply embrace new abundance. It's also going to shift you into seeing beauty around you. Priceless!

Energy Clearing for Life Force "Focus on Peace: Messages from Dr. Martin Luther King" Podcast #211

On today's show, Erica connects to the experience of peace no matter what is going on. It's a solemn connectivity to source energy and the messages from the late Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. She also shares gifts from the book "I Have a New Dream: Messages of Peace and Unity."

Get the book today! 


Energy Clearing for Life Force "Deep Clearing the Past, Vision 2021 Meditation" Podcast #209

Let go of the lies.

Let go of the false beliefs.

In this 18-minute meditation, uncharacteristically long for Energy Clearing for Life Force podcast, Erica walks through a deep housecleaning of the past and a brilliant invitation into a future you have possibly forgotten to invite. If 2020 is giving you the nudge to clear space and make room for more clarity and self expression, this is the meditation to download. Stay tuned for new offers as we head into uncharted clear territories! This is a vulnerable show, be kind. 

Energy Clearing for Life Force "Vision for 2020 Meditation" Podcast #208

Invite abundance, release the past. Bye-bye 2019! This is a meditation to invite in the desires you've been called to experience. Inviting in that which we wish to experience! Enjoy!

Energy Clearing for Life Force "Out with the Old, Activate the New 2020" Podcast #207 In this delicious guided meditation Erica takes us through releasing some of the painful experiences of 2019 and welcoming new activations and experiences in 2020. Bye bye 2019! Welcome 2020!

Energy Clearing for Life Force "I am Beauty Meditation" Podcast #206

Are you beauty? Can you perceive the beauty you are? Or is this a stretch! It can be soooo challenging to acknowledge the beauty within. This meditation is a gentle reminder of all of your beauty from head to toe!

Energy Clearing for Life Force "How to Actualize Your Dream Life" Podcast #205

In this episode Erica walks you through gratitude, appreciation, shedding the old and inviting in the new as we move into 2020. The resistance shows up as when you don't allow yourself to have even a remote chance of winning. As you shift into appreciating what you have, you can move into what you desire. It's not as difficult as you thought! This is a very magical episode! Share!

Energy Clearing for Life Force "Out with the Old" Podcast #204

If you are ready to shed more skins listen as Erica walks you through letting go the old and inviting in the new. Perfect in preparation for 2020!

Energy Clearing for Life Force "How to Clear Toxic People from Your Life" Podcast #203

Take a good look at the 12 people closest to you. Now float above your body and look down at the group as if from an aerial view. Is the energy how you like it? Could you improve the energy of the people around you? This episode dives into one easy way to change your life: surround yourself with bright lights and beings who inspire and uplift you!

Energy Clearing for Life Force "Shifting Sorrow to Gratitude on Thanksgiving Week" Podcast #202 Erica is fighting back tears as she records this special Thanksgiving edition of Energy Clearing for Life Force Podcast. It becomes difficult to record as she shares what happens when she remembers her mom so clearly and dearly.

Erica's mom, Martha Glessing, the blonde one below, was an emmy-award winning television producer in the 1970s. 


One of the best ways to heal from holiday sorrow is to name things you are grateful for! Erica shares how to shift into gratitude on this touching episode of Energy Clearing for Life Force Podcast.

And if you are looking for something to look forward to in 2020, Erica would like to invite you to tune in to The Erica Glessing Show on January 7, 2020 when her guest Tamsen Fadal will share how to heal your creative juices on the 2020 inaugural edition of the show. 

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Energy Clearing for Life Force "Inviting the Future to Be Different" Podcast #201

In this episode, host Erica Glessing walks through the process for changing the future. We vision ourselves one year from now with a twist. Imagine a few things to be close to the same! Then invite a few things to be amazingly different. Finally picture the One Thing that will change everything, and invite that with solid intention. This will inspire action you can start now to get to that place you desire to be.


On Thanksgiving (in America) November 28, Erica's very first book "Prospect When You Are Happy" is available as a gift download on Kindle! It's got a written exercise just like today's show that you can use to get your vision into your reality. Here's the link: or buy it if you'd like the knowings right now! 

Energy Clearing for Life Force "Creative Expression When You Clear the Throat Chakra" Podcast #200

Erica guides a meditation awakening your divine self expression. How many times were you told to be quiet as a child? How many lifetimes were you silenced? When you heal the throat chakra, you can begin to express yourself with more confidence and less need for external validation.


When you are ready to have your own podcast, Erica Glessing has a Podcast Done for You program that provides all tools you need to create your own show. You can have her seven-part video series on podcasting complimentary here: Enjoy!

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Energy Clearing for Life Force "What to Do When He's Not That Into You" Podcast #199

What happens when we like someone, and they don't like us back? Or when we walk into a room and we get a chilly reception from someone we wished would like us more? Erica dives into how to navigate when they aren't that into you in this episode of Energy Clearing for Life Force.

Energy Clearing for Life Force "Crown Chakra Clearing to Connect with Source" Podcast #198

In this crown clearing chakra clearing episode, Erica takes you through clearing blockages to messages from source. This is a good show to listen to when you are unplugged from everything else and don't listen when you're driving a car!

Energy Clearing for Life Force "Uninspired Rotten Day" Podcast #197

When life is not flowing and the energy is stuck, it's no fun. Erica reflects on a dirty rotten stuck day and how to make changes so your life is different. When she dreamed about Oprah Winfrey the energy shifted. 

Energy Clearing for Life Force "Create Opportunities with Wild Abandon" Podcast #196

Erica makes a new friend who connects her with amazing people on this episode of Energy Clearing for Life Force. What is the energy of new opportunities and how to engage the degrees of separation to meet anyone.

Energy Clearing for Life Force "Expand Your Self Worth" Podcast #195

Self worth is tricky and evasive. Erica Glessing jumps right into the fire of not valuing yourself, and how to make a shift right now, today, into valuing yourself above all else. Listen if you dare! 


Build Your Podcast for Influence: New Video series at

Energy Clearing for Life Force "Deeper Clear All the Chakras Meditation" Podcast #194

When you require more clearing, this is the perfect episode for you. Erica walks you through clearing each chakra from base to crown plus the morphogenic chakras outside of your body. It's a deeper meditation today enjoy!

Energy Clearing for Life Force "Heal the Heart" Podcast #193

Clear the heart of past pain and old wounds. Today's episode is a gentle guided meditation to invite healing of childhood pain and neglect. Invite in new healing energy from celestial as Erica walks you through heart chakra clearing. The heart chakra operates at the color green. Invite warm and gentle waves of healing to wash you clean of past wounds. It is a guided meditation so please don't drive or operate machinery if you go into a meditative state while listening.


Erica is teaching her annual visioning the new year course starting Friday! Go to to find out more. 

Energy Clearing for Life Force "Vision 2020" Podcast #192

In this episode, Erica initiates the concept of setting the vision for 2020 and releasing the 2019 energy. Plus, she introduces a three-week workshop that begins in November to guide you through the deeper process of setting your 2020 intentions and writing them down!


New Workshop: Setting your 2020 Vision!

Go to to sign up!

Energy Clearing for Life Force "Invite Abundance, Release Poverty" Podcast #191

In one of the most treasured episodes of the series, Erica shares a deep dive into inviting abundance into your life!

Energy Clearing for Life Force "Self Honor" Podcast #190

Honor oneself, and be true.

Energy Clearing for Life Force "Intense Opportunities Call You, What will You Do?" Podcast #189

How to navigate new opportunities that show up as if by magic. It sounds easy but it might be like climbing mount everest.

Energy Clearing for Life Force "How to Change Now" Podcast #188

Change is the only constant but we resist it. How easy it is to stay the same. When you are ready to change, how can you get there? Host Erica Glessing raps about change today on the show.


Join Erica Glessing on an Energy Clearing for Life workshop live and in person! to sign up now.

Energy Clearing for Life Force "How to Win Powerfully" #187

In this episode we look at celebrating wins to exclusion of the losses. It's a different energy and discipline!


To enjoy (for a short time) a fabulous webinar Erica built on how to release poverty consciousness go to